K’nex: TinkerToy Review/Giveaway



I would like to thank K’nex for allowing me to review their 65 piece TinkerToy Essential building set for exchange of my views.

 As you might of known, K’nex has partnered with Playskool to bring you their awesome TinkerToy building sets. These sets are great for children that love to use their imagination.

These timeless treasures are available in many different piece collections. Being that the pieces are easy to bend, shape and place together, your children will love it and not to mention as a parent you will love watching them stay focused as they learn many different ways to build characters, animals, figures and so much more. You will be amazed on what your child comes up with.


This TinkerToy collection comes with 65 pieces that includes seven building ideas for the spools, washers, rods and flags. Each selection of pieces are colored in red, blue, purple green and yellow.

My four year old daughter just loves to build. Being that we own many collections this has gave her more pieces to make a bigger projects than ever before. She can sit for hours attaching each piece together by snapping them in. When she has finished her masterpiece, she loves to show it off to me and my husband. I can see  how proud she is of herself as she makes these great accomplishments. That is why I love TinkerToy they make it affordable for consumers to purchase plus all the fun that children have while playing with them.

This Essential building set retails for $29.99 and would be great for ages 3 and up. It’s also wonderful for teachers to have in classrooms and as well for homeschooling.

You can find this TinkerToy collection by visiting K’nex on their website and also at your local retail stores.

Giveaway time!

Now you have a chance to win!

Enter through the rafflecopter below to win your K’nex TinkerToy!

Open to US residents and ends August 21st. Good Luck!

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  1. Cindy Bsays: Reply

    Favorite childhood toy was probably my doll that took a paci and stopped crying

  2. Debra Gsays: Reply

    I would say a yo-yo.

  3. Amylynn Hsays: Reply

    My favorite childhood toy was my Barbie Camper. I loved that thing!

  4. justina justicesays: Reply

    light bright

  5. Shirisha Prodduturisays: Reply

    I love my Barbie dolls.

  6. Michelle Propersays: Reply

    Mine was a doll named Thumbelina and close in 2nd was my lite bright! Wonder if they make them anymore!?

  7. Jacki Msays: Reply

    My light bright as well

  8. Kelly Kriefallsays: Reply

    Lincoln Logs

  9. Lisasays: Reply


  10. Birdie Skolfieldsays: Reply

    My Chatty Cathy Doll was my fav as a kid

  11. Deedra Denmonsays: Reply

    cabbage patch kids or lincoln logs

  12. Linda Jonessays: Reply

    my favorite toy was a sit and spin!!

  13. tia albrightsays: Reply

    my favorite childhood toy was my barbies… I had barbie EVERYTHING!

  14. Shalin Shultzsays: Reply

    My Lite Brite was an awesome toy

  15. Holly Csays: Reply

    A play kitchen with realistic plastic foods

  16. Amy McGowansays: Reply

    I loved playing with my Cabbage Patch kids

  17. sarah o.says: Reply

    my barbies of course!

  18. Dana Gemersays: Reply

    Favorite childhood toy – my barbies. my sister’s and I used to make cloths for them, cut their hair and give them names. We played with them for hours!

  19. cheryla listersays: Reply

    I loved playing with my brother’s Erector Set.

  20. Kelly Hubbardsays: Reply

    Lincoln logs were my favorite

  21. Julie Garrettsays: Reply

    Easy bake oven an lincoln logs

  22. Paige Kelleysays: Reply

    My favorite was our Tinkertoys and a McDonalds Playset!

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