Egg hunting at night!

easter egg night hunt1

Who would of thought that Easter egg hunting at night would be so much fun?

It’s like playing hide n seek in the dark with eggs. Here is how I did it.

Since I am a pinterest fanatic I seen a post where you put glow sticks inside of your plastic eggs to make them light up. I thought it would be a great and fun way for the kids to enjoy some pre Easter fun outside.

First, I went to the Dollar Store and purchased a package of plastic colorful eggs. There was 12 in a package and then I found the glow bracelet sticks which had 15 in a tube. Together it costs me only $2.00.

easter egg night hunting

I can’t explain the look on my little ones faces and how cool they thought it was but they were so excited!

The only real issue that I had was placing the bracelet inside each egg. Since the bracelets are not flexible it was challenging to keep them in there.

But we did it! After some twisting and turning we got them in there. But overall it was an affordable way to have some night time fun.

easter egg night hunt2